• [Expert Viewpoint] Three Thoughts on Logistics and Supply Chain 2023.05.19

    At present, our country has entered a period of deep-water reform of industrial adjustment and the new normal. After nearly 20 years of development, what problems still exist in logistics and supply chain management, and where will they go in the future? Below, the author will analyze and discuss th
  • How can the cold chain be broken? Where is the problem of China' 2023.05.19

    China Logistics News: Why has China's cold chain not developed when all resources such as demand and supply are abundant? Some experts believe that it is because the cold chain industry started late, but the development speed of most emerging industries in China is by no means slower than the &q
  • It is said that the last mile is difficult, let's see how it is 2023.05.19

    China Logistics News: Americans’ daily transportation is mainly self-driving. Generally speaking, unless they live in large cities such as New York, where public transportation is developed, short-distance transportation in the United States is mainly driven by oneself, not relying on public transpo
  • 设备搬运难点解析 2020.10.18